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Ronny Dance - Drums
Will members of the general public please note this bloke is so ugly it’s not safe to publish uncensored pictures of him on the web.
Could you also please remember to take great care not to catch an unintentional glance at him if you come and watch Just Kiddin as we cannot take any responsibility for any vomiting or nightmares suffered as a result.
Ron, (also known as Tiny), is actually the much older Gay brother of our Lead Singer. Back in 1923 he had a number one single in Oz with a group called Iceberg and also supported Marillion at Nostel Priory. Nowadays, when he bothers turning up, he uses all vintage Rogers Drum Kit, Zildjan Cymbals and Paiste Drum
Influences Genesis, Little Feat, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Led Zep, Foo Fighters
Fave track - If I Had A Hammer
Rons Drumkit without Ron (Censored)