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Mik Goorwitch - Bass Guitar
Mik aka Ralph aka Guitar George, originally played lead on an old acoustic guitar, which was all he could afford. This was with Harry Monks Red Hot Jubilee Band, whilst a College boy with Mark Knopfler, where they cut their teeth entertaining the patients at Claybury Mental Hospital. When they discharged him he changed to rhythm guitar with The Consumers and climbed to the dizzy heights of opening at The Marquee.  Then came nappy time with Ruby & Pearl following which, once he was potty trained, he was asked to play Bass.  Now he makes it talk and sing for Just Kiddin.
Plays a Roland CUBE-100 Bass with a 100-watt sound output through 30 cm (12-inch) coaxial 2-way wide-range speaker.
he’ll be on a Epiphone Les Paul Bass with EMG (passive) two humbucker pickups  
an Ibanez Artcore AGB140 Bass Guitar (Transparent Brown) with ACHB1 pick up.

Influences Razorlight, Kasabian, Muse,   
Favourite tracks - Does Your Chewing Gum Loose it's Flavour on the Bedpost