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Chris 07796 373712
Demis Brasome - Lead Guitar
Back in the front line with The Just Kiddin band after a years sabbatical, Big Demis brings welcome stability by counterbalancing the weight of Big Chris at the other flank of the stage - Sorta like heavyweight bookends ! And, oh yeah....I nearly forgot. He’s up amongst the very best you’ll ever hear playing LIVE.  Demis is the bloke who puts the led in lead and the git in guitar.  His awesome Clapton, May, Berry & Knopfler are actually better than those Guys play live. You gotta hear it to believe it and definitely worth more than the price of a few pints and a G&T for the missus. Once of the famous Hunters, a true master of his Stratocaster. Lessons available on request.
Fave tracks:
Joe Cockers With a Little Help From My Friends, Anything by Genesis, The  Benny Hill Theme.
Paul plays either a
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Yamaha SG 2000
or a
Yamaha APX7 Electro Acoustic
with either a  
Fender Twin 100w Amp
or a
Marshall AS50 Acoustic Amp
Genesis,  Steve Howe,  Joe Satriani, Beatles, Nanna Mouskouri, Bert Weedon, Curry.