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Chris Plunkett- Rhythm Guitar
His first bands were on the Manchester circuit back in his Uni days in the early 80's where he played regularly at most of the top slums of The North. Took a musical break after emigrating down south, marriage and breeding. Recently had surgery for charity to finally remove the last remaining tache outside of Kazakhstan. He’s the man who plays the musical mosaic that underpins all our numbers. A big Just Kiddin presence with a keeps the whole thing sweet and harmonised.

Influences Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, Clapton, The Who, Santana, Man United, Alcohol, Savlouki.
Favourite tracks Lola (Kinks), Desire (U2), Parklife (Blur), White Wedding (Billy Idol), Panic and everything ever done  by The Smiths
Chris plays a
or a
Fender Stratocaster with
Marshall amplification.