John 07565 996651
Chris 07796 373712

Chris’s favourite gig song – Don’t Believe A Word (Lizzy) least favourite – Caroline (Quo)

Largest crowd – Some 450+ at the Cuffley Football Club 50th Anniversary

Who are you - Mik is also known as Mike aka Ralph aka Guitar George

Shortest duration member – Lead Guitarist Richard Banner with one rehearsal

Youngest Member – Original drummer Scott at virginal 17

Most famous Guest Star - Terry Thomas from Charlie & The Fabulous Lampshades,

In London 1978 Mik openeda t the Lyceum for The Rubinoos with The Consumers

Ex Lead James has an inside leg measurement of 42 inches

Beefyest group member – Lead Demis Brasome XXXL and 21 stone (now a slim 18 stone)

Smallest member - Ronny with 2 inches and he only uses one of them

Tightest member – Ex-Lead Gary didnt buy a drink during his six months stay

Northern git – Big Chris hails from Salford hence the greyhound and moustache

Most Rock n’ Roll name & Best Kinks sound – Ex-lead Brett right on the fuzzbox

Most exotic member – Ex-lead Jan came from Prague (Czech Republic if you don’t know)

People watched Just Kiddin to Dec 2012 - 65,000

Ronnys favourite gig song – The Pretender (Foo Fighters) least favourite – Sex On Fire

Worst Gig – The Old Bulls Head, Ware with the cast of Deliverance in attendance

James favourite gig song – Dani California (Chillis) least fave – Brown Eyed Girl (Van M)

Mik played with Mark Knopfler who called him the bloke who knows all the chords

Smallest Crowd – 10 at Finleys, Enfield when all the locals were at a party up the road

Best Guests - Lee O’Sullivan on bass, Jo Doggett best boobs, Miks mate Mike on lead

Songs performed by Just Kiddin to Dec 2012 - 21400

Best gig – The Vie Bar, Leigh Summer 2010 - Make way for the bouncers

Rhythm guitarist Chris has size 15 feet

Thanks go to our one gig wonder stand-ins Steve Dymmock on drums, Martin Fox on lead.

Ugliest member Ronny

Mik was in a band subtley called Harry Monks Red Hot Jubilee Band

Tallest ever Member – James at 6 foot 11 inches

Johns favourite gig song – Babylon (David Gray) least favourite – Rebel Rebel (David Bowie)

Ronny had a titanic number 1 hit in Australia with band called Iceberg - they melted

Largest Willy – Johns at 9.half inches

When he was a lad Demis Brasome used to be a member of The Hunters

First gig – School Disco at Cuffley Tennis Club 2007

Our drummer Ronny Starred in Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Well hes fat and a pikey)

Worst Hair – Chris’s moustache – removed December 2009 and Rons overused pubic region

Longest song played – Won’t Get Fooled Again at 7 minutes 23 seconds

Worst performed song and only ever played once - Beat It - following MJ’s sad death

Big-timer - Ronny supported Marillion at Nostel Priory and appeared on The Tube

Miks least favourite gig song – Hickory Hollers Tramp (OC Smith) fave– Monster

Worst gig experience – Skinhead Working Mans Club Manager threatening to beat our heads in for hanging up our banner – then he asked us if we could play New Years Eve

Jan Huk (Lead 2007/08) was Chairman of the Creedence Clearwater Revival Revivalists

Next worst gig experience – druggies giving it large in Cheshunt

Recording Star – Ex-lead Gary was in a band called Flock of Seagulls

Most performed song – I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)

Most requested song – Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

Our Lead Demis used to play for Custers Last Band