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What Can You Expect?  Generally Just Kiddin play 2 x 75 minute sets, but for functions we work with our client to build an evening that suits your requirements. For example for older generation audiences, we may include more vintage songs and vice versa for the younger crowds.  Given reasonable warning, the band will also learn two or three specific requests, e.g. first dance at weddings, favourite song, etc . Just Kiddin also welcome participation for any  budding rock star brides, grooms or embarrassing uncle.
How is the play list decided? We use our experience to create a playlist that we know will get the crowd moving. We keep a close eye on the dancefloor during the evening, and make adjustments based on the crowd reaction. The first set’s designed to engage the audience, get them on our side and get their feet twitching. The second sets designed to keep them dancing and rockin through to the big finale and to make sure the crowd really enjoys themselves.
What PA System. This is vital for a live band and Just Kiddin use a top class Samson PA - XM910 -ten channel, 900 Watt powered mixer with built-in 24 BIT DSP (Digital Signal Processor) effects. This provides the options of 2 x 450 Watts Main, or 450 Watt Main / 450 Watt Monitor, or 900 Watts Bridged power operating modes. The Main/Monitor 2x450 watts PA system will deliver classic sounds to your audience. No venue is too big !
Will you handle the background music? No problem, we can provide background music through our PA system or Customers can devise their own playlists, on their own ipods/iphones/laptops, that we can plug directly into our sound system.
Do you accept song requests and how many can I have? Yes, if we receive a request, even on the night, we will definitely play it if we can.
Can we use your equipment to make speeches? Yes ! No problem.
Do you charge extra lighting equipment? We have stage and some “disco” lighting included in the price. If additional is required we will need to charge for hiring and setting up
Will you set up before my guests arrive? We usually arrive around an hour and half before agreed start time to set up and carry out a sound level check. If you want us to set up earlier we can do this but, depending on the time gap, we may have to adjust the fee.
What sort of electrical supply do you need? One 13 amp main minimum. For your peace of mind a second source would be useful, although we’ve never needed it yet.
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